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An Overview of Our Fees

Management Fees

Century Financial Group, LLC is a fee-only investment advisor. Our fee consists of an annual percentage of assets managed covering the entirety of our wealth management service.  We do not charge nor receive any additional fees or commissions from investments products or services we may recommend.  We believe this approach provides the most objective and independent method in managing your finances and placing your best interest at the core of our fiduciary relationship.

Our fee schedule is applied in arrears to the aggregate market value of all accounts being managed as of the last trading day of each quarter, divided by four. The minimum quarterly charge for this arrangement is $1,000.00 and minimum asset base is $1,000,000 except for existing clients and their families.

Our Fee Schedule

Assets Managed
Annual Fee
First $1,000,000 1%
$1,000,000-$2,000,000 .75%
$2,000,000 Above .50%

Client Onboarding Fee and Summary Diagnostic Report

The Client Onboarding Fee (“COF”) is a one-time fee which covers the preliminary work performed during the initial stages of the client relationship including: information gathering, account documentation, investment consolidation and transfers as well establishing a client’s proprietary vault on our website and synchronizing custodian downloads. Upon completion, a Summary Diagnostic Report will be presented which details your current financial situation, portfolio historical performance and risk/return profile. It is upon this basis that future recommendations will be developed.

The COF will range between $1,625 and $3,250 depending upon the complexity of the engagement and will be debited in arrears from the client’s designated account at the first quarterly billing period.

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